ASP Partnership Helps Illinois Bring Efficiency to Auxiliary Workers

When the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread across the United States, unemployment rates rose to unimaginable levels. Out-of-work individuals relied on the support services of government agencies for updates on paychecks and assistance finding work. Those same government agencies depend on IT systems to handle communications and information management needs.

As social distancing and work-from-home became the new normal, the Illinois Department of Employment Services turned to local IT provider PCG International. PCG needed to get staff hired and hardware in the hands to augment the call center teams, overwhelmed by unprecedented increases in call volume. That’s why PCG turned to ASP & Associates as experts in cloud computing the assist this remote, decentralized workforce.

While PCG recruited and trained this auxiliary workforce, ASP & Associates worked closely with PCG International to successfully enable workers to securely access state databases and call center software, no matter where they were isolating. Using a vendor-agnostic approach, ASP weaved a solution comprised of elements in Microsoft Azure, Google Workspace, and SmartSheets.

The key element to empowering workers was Microsoft Azure Active Directory with Microsoft Intune. This helped PCG to report compliance with strict data policies defined by their client, and also helped ensure employee laptops were secure and maintainable.

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